Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tomatoes and Peppers

On my way home from visiting Hal's sister and family downstate yesterday I stopped at Harger's Nursery in Glennie and picked up several 4-packs of tomatoes, peppers and marigolds. I get the marigolds because they're supposed to repel some harmful insects. Have to get the ones with scent, the fancier prettier ones tend to be useless for bug repellent.

I specifically wanted to get more Celebrity this year and was certain I'd picked up one. But when I went to plant them today, I discovered I'd screwed up. Hopefully what I did get will do as well as the Celebrity did last year. I made sure they were short season tomatoes, ones that would set fruit in 70 days or less, not those 90 day huge beefsteaks. I bought 6 varieties, 3 slicers and 3 cherries.


Bonny Best


Sun Sugar
Small Fry

I also bought a yellow bell pepper called, ordinarily enough, Yellow Belle and Gypsy which I've grown before with great success. I planted 2 Rutgers and 2 Champions and one each of the others except for small fry which I am going to put in 10" deck pots as they are labeled as compact plants. I also planted 3 marigolds and gave one of each type of veggie plant to Mrs J next door. I have 4 very large flower pots that I will probably use for some of the other larger tomatoes. However I will do that another day.

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