Thursday, May 22, 2014

Luna's a Bit of a Klutz

I'm not actually sure how she does it, perhaps it's her Labrador exuberance but it seems every few weeks she damages some part of herself. Last month she strained/sprained her right front outside toe. Last year her other front leg was lame. Two separate times she jabbed herself in the belly while running through the woods. That last one has a permanent scar on her right hip. And of course, as a puppy she got stung by yellow jackets, ripped a read toenail out and tried to eat a poisonous mushroom. I'm sure there must be others I've forgotten over the past 8.5 years.

Last week she and Ziggy were racing around on our usual walk through the swamp and though I didn't hear a squeal this time, next thing I knew there was a cut under her left eye bleeding rather profusely. I blame Ziggy's teeth, he gets a little rambunctious when wrestling. I just let it bleed a bit and let it heal on her own. She'll probably have a little scar but I am sure she doesn't care.

I snapped a photo a couple days later. It's just a thin black line now.
Luna's Boo-boo

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