Saturday, May 31, 2014

Odds and Ends, Outdoors and Indoors

Last day of May and another gorgeous day it has been. Low humidity, 70 degree temps, light breeze, just delightful, except for the mosquitoes, but that's what living in a swamp costs.

Yesterday I put up pea fencing using twigs, bamboo poles and stakes normally used for holding up peonies. The plants were getting taller than 8 inches so it was about time I kept them from falling over. Today I planted the small fry tomato plants in deck pots. I also planted the cucumber, zucchini and pumpkin seeds I bought from Pinetree Gardens in Maine. I actually planted them all in peat pots and little 4 packs because Hal just sprayed my third veggie garden, the one actually in swampland, with weed killer. I pulled a 50 pound feed sack-worth of dandelions out of it last week and barely made a dent with all the other weeks in there.

I planted 7 pots of small sugar pumpkin, and Diva and Homemade Pickles cucumbers, and Butta and Golden Zebra zucchini in the plastic packs.

While Hal is waiting on the roofing from the local hardware store he decided to start taking apart the rotting deck outside the back door that leads to the hot tub.
We have officially stopped using the wood stove till next fall and thus the hot tub is no longer heated. We do leave the filter pump on though because it feels delightful to use when and if the outdoor temps rise into the 90s. Eighty degree water becomes very refreshing.

Yesterday I finished the shawl I was doing for a designer's test. I soaked and pinned it on my blocking mat today. The designer was apparently waiting for me because she released the pattern to the general public on The pattern is called Abundant, by siewclark. I was worried it would be too small but assuming it holds it's shape once I take it off the mat, I think it will be okay. Still, if I ever make it again I think I will adjust the length of the edge chains to allow a little more stretch.
Time to make salad for dinner now. I think this was enough stuff to post about today.

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