Sunday, May 25, 2014


So yesterday I went with 9 other various family members and friends from DH's side of the family to Tiger Stadium in Detroit to watch the Tigers get trounced by the Texas Rangers. It started well, the Tigers scoring a run in the first couple of innings, but then they didn't get their second till the bottom of the 9th. In between the Ranges scored 12 while the Tigers seemed to trip over each other and the pitching just got worse. Still, it was a lovely day, high 70's huge fluffy white clouds that kept the sun off of us till late in the evening. We were way up behind the left field foul pole which is the furthest away I've ever been in that stadium so really, in terms of being able to watch the game, a TV would have been better. But we still had a good time.

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Before the game we ate at Nemo's and then took their shuttle bus for $3 each to the stadium and then back afterward to the parking lot. I had one of their burgers. The only thing you can order from them on game days is a burger or fried chicken sandwich and fries. Beer of course, there is always beer.

After the game we picked up some Hungry Howie's pizza and 8 of us ended up consuming most of it and chatting till around midnight at Hal's sister's house (where I usually stay whenever I visit down here.) As I said, we had a pretty good time. 

Don't know what I'll be doing today, possibly just hanging about the house crocheting. And go for a walk, it's another beautiful day.

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