Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Exterior House Staining

It took me 2 days to clean the front side of the house. Lots of standing on ladders, lots of scrubbing, 2 days worth in fact spread over a week because of the constant rain. But it got done, and when it finally dried up enough I taped plastic over all the windows, front door, exterior lights, deck, etc and stained. Two coats were required. I finished about 7:30 that night. Cleaned up the next day. It looks a lot better, it looks waterproof in fact, nice and shiny and sort of plasticky. I swore never again would I stain a wall, screw the other 2, we'll just sell the house "as is".

A few weeks later (delayed due to tendonitis of the knee, aka "runner's knee") I tackled the west side which took a much taller ladder as it's a gable end. That also took 2 days, I have to go back to Alpena and Home Depot to buy more stain before I can actually finish. Not looking forward to getting back up 20 feet in the air to finish that top section, but it has to be done. Then I have to find the energy to tackle the north wall which, though shorter in height, is 48 feet long.

I will be so happy when it's done!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The New Home Plan

So here is a rendition of the exterior of the future house. The 3 car garage is on the right, the little gable bump out on the left contains 2 small bedrooms. The kitchen was originally right behind those 2 shorter windows but now it's in the back but I think the window sizes are set. I don't know yet.There is a small porch on the front where those 2 white posts are supporting the roof.

Here is one of the previous floor plans. I have not made a copy of the latest one but at least this one is pretty close to what I am currently thinking.

The master bath has a separate shower and soaking tub. There is a beverage center in the kitchen that is essentially a wet bar with wine fridge, small sink, microwave and another small refrigerator where Hal can make his breakfast and stay out of my way in the main kitchen. That fridge will also hold the maple syrup every spring until it is processed and canned.

There is a workshop in the garage and the other room holds all the utilities, as well as the chest freezers and upper cabinets which will have to hold my pantry which is in the basement in our current house. We also decided to enclose the space between the 2 garage rooms and essentially make those 3 rooms part of the house, with the firewall between them and the garage. They will simply be a couple steps down with a concrete floor, a very common feature when anyone converts their garage to a family room. That pantry/utility room will also have a dedicated doggie door in the wall so I don't have to have one in the kitchen door resulting in dogs running back and forth while I am cooking.

Since I made a photo of this plan I have replaced the fireplace with an aquarium (finally, one of them comes out of the boxes they've been in since we moved from California in 1996) and placed a see-thru fireplace between the table and he TV room in the back of the house. I wonder how much more tweaking I will do before the plan is finalized.