Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures from Christmas 2010

Pictures of the dogs anyway. I'm late with this entry because I was trying to write some poignant, significant piece but really, who wants to read depressing prose in the midst of a gloomy, gray winter? Last year was depressing enough having lost my mom and Rocket. My sister, her boyfriend, Hal and I managed to have a pretty good time anyway, and our 2 dogs, Luna and her niece Lyra had a blast. So, here's some "dogs having a blast" photos as well as a couple non-dog photos.

Luna giving Lyra a lesson in manners.

Essence of Charlie Brown.

This was the scrawniest Christmas tree ever. It was from the top of a 30 foot balsam that fell over in a wind storm sometime back in October. After Hal cut the top off to clear the trail into the woods, I stood it up in the swamp. Between the cold air and the water it managed to keep until Christmas rolled around. Since it was a volunteer, despite being poorly shaped, I figured it deserved to be our Christmas tree.

A little lazy wrestling beneath the tree.

This is MY plastic cup!

Tug o' war with my neighbor's dogs' toy.

We're very good doggies, may we have a biscuit?
As I said, it wasn't all about the dogs. There were a couple nice dinners as well, one of them being on Christmas day. Muscovy duck with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn and wine. Pies for dessert.

The annual duck dinner.
There was raspberry sauce to go with it.
 Lyra and her family stayed 3 weeks. The guys spent most of the time hunting, while we gals stayed home and baked cookies, played in the snow and did all the cooking. We also watched a few Christmas movies on the nice big flat screen TV we bought back in November. As a "transitional" holiday it was better than we expected it to be. I'm hoping this year's will be even better.