Monday, December 12, 2011

One Week Later

On the night of my last post, around 10 pm I started coughing. I thought I had just inhaled a piece of dust but it wouldn't stop and before the night was over I had chills, even though I seemed to be burning up. Somehow, somewhere I caught a bug which has now lasted a week. I've been miserable, the only thing that hasn't happened to me is praying to the porcelain god. Everything else, I got hit with it. I don't remember running into anyone who was ill but I guess I caught this the night of the anniversary party 2 days earlier. Only time I was with a lot of other people.

Fortunately, the fever only lasted the one night as did the sore throat but I've pretty much felt like crap the last 7 days. I guess I'm lucky that other than chasing down Ziggy on occasion and Luna when she was bad, and loading the wood stove, I could pretty much lay about and do nothing. I didn't even feel like eating which is unusual for me even with the stomach flu. I've actually lost 5 pounds though I figure at least 3 of those are just water weight, but at least it's a good thing that came out of this.

Hal took off to camp which was fine with me because I didn't want to cook, could barely function as it was. Plus I hope he does not contract this, it is nasty. I thought I was feeling better yesterday but today I feel worse so I'm still not eating much though I am planning on pizza for dinner. My bred machine even now is madly whipping the dough into shape.

Otherwise, still no snow and no idea when my younger sister is arriving. I figure I have a few days to get back to cleaning up the house, now that I can move about again without feeling as though parts of me wish for non-existence. I wonder if this would have been worse without the flu shot I had in October.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Between the Holidays

It's 20 days till Christmas, a little over a week since Thanksgiving. Not a lot has been happening around here. Thanksgiving dinner was at the farm, just Hal's parents and one of his brothers. Everyone else stayed downstate. It was nice not to be at a restaurant and have a home cooked turkey instead.

I've plugged all the fence holes and now Luna can't escape but Ziggy still could. Today I watched him sail right over the 30 inch fence in the front yard. So the question now is do I get a taller fence or opt for the easier installation of a transmitter and a zapper collar? I'd prefer the fence, I think he'd be too stubborn for the zapper to work. I also don't like the idea of zapping my little boy, either.

No snow yet. we had about a half inch a few days ago but then rain and temps in the 50s yesterday took care of that. Feels odd not to have any yet. Can't complain though, I hate shoveling the deck.

Decided to keep 5 guineas and 2 ducks through the winter. Hal rebuilt the coop door so it drops down instead of hinges upward. Hopefully this means I won't be chipping ice to close it this year. Since we got rid of the chickens the fox has disappeared too. He'd gotten at least 3 of my chickens this summer. The guineas can fly and the ducks are pretty large. Chickens seem to be easy targets.

Celebrated my neighbor's 50th wedding anniversary Saturday night. I made chicken chili and peach, blueberry trifle. I stayed to help clean up when it was over. My neighbors seemed to have a pretty good time.

Been waging the annual fall battle of the fleas again. I think I am finally getting a handle on it. My ankles are a bitten mess, but the dogs seem to be flea free at the moment and the water traps aren't catching much of anything now. Must vacuum the floors yet again to keep ahead.

Been cleaning the guest room for the arrival of my younger sister, her boy friend and Lyra in less than 2 weeks. Got to clear half the garage for her car. Ought to get back to that now.

Until next time.