Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It Was a Wart After All

Ziggy's weird little white growth on his tongue turned out to be just a papillomavirus wart after all. I could go back an forth in hindsight now and wonder if I should have taken him to my regular vet before subjecting him and my pocketbook to surgery, but it's possible that vet might have also suggested surgery, who knows? And if the wart didn't go away like they're supposed to I'd probably always worry a little anyway and for the time he had it, because who knows how long it would be there, I'd be worrying. And worry is stress and stress can cause heart attacks so I probably did the right thing after all.

His tongue looks really good now, too.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She's Not Toothless... Yet

So a couple days after Ziggy's tongue operation I went to brush Luna's teeth on (Sunday night?) and noticed one of her back molars was rather ragged. On closer inspection I saw the side was sheered off and there was a piece of tooth floating below the gumline. She did not like me touching it. I had no idea she had broken it though I should have as I heard it when it happened. She was chewing on one of those peanut butter stuffed bones, heard a horrendous crack and I checked the floor for a broken piece and didn't find one but for some reason I didn't suspect he tooth. Luna never made a noise.

Luna pants a lot. Looking back at the few weeks between the break and he discovery she really seemed to be panting more. But I didn't put two and two together. So my poor girl had probably been in pain at least a month. She got to see the vet by midweek and on Friday, had it removed.

It's been 10 days or so and she's panting a lot again. I guess I had better go look at the removal spot just in case. SHe finished her antibiotics a few days ago.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ziggy's Home

I picked him up just after 3 pm yesterday. They say he did well, he's got a bunch of stitches on this tongue, I'm told it will heal quickly. He has 4 days of pain pills. He seems very happy to be at home. He's laying on my recliner up against my legs and seems quite content.

It is very good to have him here. Now we just wait for the biopsy results, 1-2 weeks.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Ziggy's at the Vet

I dropped him off 4 hours ago to have a growth removed from his tongue and biopsied. I had hoped it was something like the papillomavirus but when I took him in a month ago the vet didn't think it was and I agreed because it didn't look like the photos. She said not to worry but she recommended removal and a biopsy and today was the soonest we could get him in.

This isn't my usual vet but the closer one I used to take Rocket to till he just refused to go in the door anymore and I didn't want to continue stressing him so much. But Luna has been there twice for emergency surgeries when she cut herself out in the woods and they did a great job.

When I noticed the white growth on Ziggy I didn't want to wait for an appointment at my et which is also an hour away (this ver is only 20 minutes). I probably could have gotten in the next day but I think I had some other thing I had to do so this was fast and convenient even if I had to wait an hour because in Lincoln it's first come first served.

So now I wait and I hate waiting. Then it's another possible 2 weeks before I find out the results. He might not even be in surgery yet. Fingers crossed things go well.