Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's A New Year and a New Oven

I have been negligent, yet again, in my posting. At this moment I am downstate at Hal's sister's house. Been here for a week. Tomorrow I will go home as she is going back to nursing school. It's raining outside here but up north we got snow and a goodly amount I have heard. That should make it nice for Luna as she does seem to like the snow though not as much as my good boy Rocket did.

Toward the end of 2010 by gas oven, which runs on propane, did not turn off 3 times and I did not find out till the next day. Fortunately, the flame remained on and though it cost me in fuel it did fill my house with gas. I've never liked that range, it was the cheapest GE the previous owner (who bought the whole property and divided it into 7 sections to sell for profit) could put in. It had the broiler drawer on the bottom which is literally a pain in the back to use, the flames were blue tipped yellow instead of solid blue so it was burning inefficiently and the oven temperature was off anywhere from 75 to 150 degrees depending on the required temperature and the mood it was in. It had been adjusted as far as it could be and was just not a joy to use. Plus those old burners did not boil water very fast and it would take 3 hours to get my 17 quart pressure canner pressurized.

My new oven which I bought in a year end sale and is a Frigidaire is a joy to use. It's got sealed burners so no water gets inside, it lights quickly, heats water, oh, so much faster! It has the broiler inside the oven where it should be. I even got it in the "bisque" color to match my dishwasher and refrigerator. I'd have loved to get one with a 5th burner in the middle but that would have cost an extra $300.

First day it came I roasted a chicken. I've baked cookies, boiled noodles, it's been an utter joy to use. I think canning vegetables will be so much easier this year!

(edited to add photo)