Sunday, June 17, 2018

Forgotten Sewing Photos

While looking for pictures of the baby quilts and other sewing projects I've made previously I discovered I never posted them here. The only photos were also taken with my old cheapo cell phone so the quality isn't very good. But here they are from 2016.

Apron for a sister

for first great nephew
placemats for bridal shower

the backs of the baby quilts

for my second grand niece
I wish I could find a photo of the one I made for a neighbor. I simply can't believe I did not take one!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Still Some Tedious Things to do Before the Roofing Starts

Last week I cut a bunch of 12 and 17 inch 2 x 4's for Hal to stick between all the purlins at the overhangs. I'm not sure what the blocking is for as those purlins are held in place with hurricane anchors, but I'm sure it's important.

Today he is busy putting up the varge rafters on the ends of the garage.

Varge (aka barge) rafters are the ones stuck to the ends of all the purlin overhangs, others might call them fascia. Ours will eventually be clad in white metal trim He's got to straighten the ends of all those purlins and nail them in place possibly by hanging over the edge of the roof. Hal informed me he'll be using a tree stand harness to ensure he doesn't fall off. I hope he really does that because I'm not there to watch him.. He started the other day but yesterday was too windy to be up there, and though the winds aren't as mild as we'd like at least they've dropped below the 20-30 mph winds that came with the morning thunderstorm.

The blocking is above his head

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hansen Pole Buildings

While looking through my old posts I realized I never mentioned where we got the detailed plans and materials for the house we are building. As you can see from the title, Hal contacted Hansen Pole Buildings last spring and contracted with them to take the floor plan we had and make it into an engineered building approved for building here in Michigan. It took a few weeks as everything was done via phone and email but after we approved the plans they then shopped out the materials list for the shell (minus the windows as they only sold single hung and we wanted double hung) and when those materials arrived last summer we started building.

Mostly the materials were okay to use, but as we recently emptied the stacks of 2 x 6's while finishing the purlins (rafters) there was an awful lot of lower grade lumber, rounded on both edges (from the outer edges of the logs). We used it, as we paid for it, though it wasn't ideal. Hopefully there is enough wood at the edges to screw the metal roof onto. And Hal is going to buy a few more 2 x 6 x 14's to finish up the varge rafters this week. But that isn't Hansen's fault, it's the lumberyard they sourced it from.

Now if we were younger with more stamina, we would have unstacked those large piles within 48 hours of arrival and sent photos to Hansen and probably been able to pick up replacements at the local lumber yard. That happened when we discovered a few boards were too short for their intended purpose for something else. But we rolled the dice and came up short. Oh well. But we will work it out.

The "kit" came with 2 sets of plans, one given to the county inspector, who was extremely impressed with the quality. Apparently he's not used to seeing decent sets of plans for building homes very often. There is also a huge set of instructions detailing how to do things. That is cool because it's been at least a decade since Hal built his first and last pole barn and it wasn't anywhere near as complicated as this.

So t

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Couple of Surprises in my Driveway Today

This morning, I found these. Oh my.
Lions and Tigers and BEAR!!
I was able to keep Ziggy from investigating this foot long snapper, fortunately!

The Purlins are all Up!

Today we put in the last 14 purlins on the back of the house. It was back to being hot today, but we managed. Now Hal just has to do some more bracing, squaring, blocking, etc and in a couple of weeks we can start putting up the roof steel!