Saturday, November 18, 2017

All the Trusses are Up!

As of yesterday all the trusses are in place. There are still many purlins and ceiling joists to install and that will happen as there is time and good weather. They have to be squared up as well. Don't want a crooked house. I've been so looking forward to this point but I am so tired from it all, it's hard to really appreciate it. Especially when there is still so much to do.
looking in from the garage end
Hal securing the final truss

All 17 trusses looking straight at the front of the house

Friday, November 17, 2017

T3 Final Truss Lift

Hal lifted the final truss yesterday afternoon in what I considered too much wind, but he was going to do it no matter what I said and it is up. It attaches to truss T4, but 2 feet lower as it is innermost garage roof truss.

T4 Lift

This is the single truss at the end of the house between the house and garage. and the next one to be lifted on Nov 14th.

T1 Lift

The first of 3 single truss lifts, the endwall of the garage, completed November 11. It went really fast, probably because it was so light compared to the others I could winch one end saving Has from running back and forth. Had to slow down the video to see it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

T6 T7 Lift

Today we put up the last of the truss assemblies. this is over the master bedroom, bath and guest bath room. Three trusses total, we will add the missing purlins and ceiling joists when everything is up. After this there will be 3 individual trusses left to get off the ground. It feels really, really good to have these up even if they're only chained in place till Hal can secure them with ledger locks. Tomorrow's weather is calling for rain, snow and high winds, not sure how much he'll be able to do, but he's going to try.