Wednesday, April 18, 2018

But Where is Spring?

I think it must have happened in February when it stopped snowing for so so long the snow melted and we even had highs in the 40s and 50s. April though has been below average for temperatures, running in the 30s and now and then a 40 degree day. It has not been a pleasant spring at all, in fact it's been more like mid-winter.

April 4th we had a snowstorm and got about 9 inches of snow. I'd post pictures but they look pretty much like what I am about to post from the 4 day storm of April 13-17. Fifteen to 18 inches of heavy, wet, heart attack snow. I shoveled enough to get out the doors and leave a spot for the dogs on the deck, as well as make the stairs safer to go up and down. Otherwise, I'm just going to wait for it to melt. It's only 34 so far today and cloudy, so I don't have much hope for today even though it could possibly reach 39/40.

Bambi Highway, aka the trail into the swamp

the view from my living room window

birds feeding


Luna in the driveway

there's a pond in there somewhere

Ziggy in the driveway

Ziggy just off the driveway, I think, it's hard to tell

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring!

It is currently mostly cloudy, 28 F, with a brief jump to 32 earlier, at least there are only a few flurries and not another 12 inch snowfall as happened a week ago. I believe my family in Massachusetts is about to get dumped on by their 4th nor'easter in a month? At least that one is dumping less snow than the previous ones.

Her in northeast Michigan we hope to see temps regularly in the 40s by the weekend. It will help tremendously with the maple syrup production which has been sporadic because of the wide temperature swings. We've got a little over 1.5 gallons of finished syrup that needs to be canned, we'd like atleast 5 or 6 this year, only half of what we got last year but we can't make the trees produce.

I have been feeding the little winter birds and squirrels all winter, they seem to appreciate it as there aren't a lot of insects or seeds to eat yet. I've got a little flock of goldfinches and a larger one of pine siskins as well as chickadees, nuthatches and the odd bluejay and cardinal. Now if I can just see my first robin, spring will have really begun.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

February Really Sucked

Besides me being sick for the last 3 weeks of it, on the 8th my father-in-law died. He was 83. I'm not going to go into detail, but essentially he got sick, wouldn't go to the doctor till things snowballed and he just gave up. So he's gone, and it feels really weird.

Nothing much is happening otherwise, though Hal started tapping trees for maple sap, and I started crocheting a hat. Maybe I'll have something to post on a cheerier note in a week or so. In fact I forgot to post this and I finished my hat last night. Here it is.
And it snowed a lot, there are 8.5 inches plus of snow out there. Oh joy.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I Said Before Things were Moving Slowly

We've had a very few days in January to even attempt to do anything on our future home, but last weekend (the 21st I think) Hal and I spent a couple hours during the 46F day and installed 12 ceiling joists into the T2 garage trusses. It felt good to get something accomplished. But the temps are not up there anymore and looks like February will probably be much too cold to do anymore. But here are 2 photos I took that day. I did the cutting, Hal did the installing. And no, none of these joists are actually screwed in yet, that will be later when things warm up.
putting them up
all done

These were 11' 8 5/8" long 2 by 6's. In case anyone wants to know.

The Christmas 2017 Update Post

As soon as I get a few things done today I will add some photos about Christmas at my home with my little sister, her beau, their dog Lyra, my dogs. and Hal. (hopefully). I will post house build progress separately because it will be a really, really short post.