Friday, May 25, 2018

Thwarted by Thunderstorms

Today was the day Hal needed me back at the build to cut purlins for the left side of the house, finally we were going to have some progress to show! But after I selected the first twelve 14 footers and loaded them onto the truck for the drive back to the barn and the equipment, the sky decided to open up, make noise and drop water. Got a bit windy, too.

So much for the morning forecast of no rain till tomorrow! Hal stayed because he thought there would be a long enough break (it did get sunny again, but the clouds to the west were massive) to get some of the other work done that he can do alone. I got to go home and start making pizza. No planned leftovers for tonight anymore!

So the dough is in the bread machine doing doughy things and it is pouring rain here at home. Temperature dropped from near 90 (it was there earlier today) to only 78 now. Looks like it's still a dry spot surrounding Hal, according to the radar. Not for too much longer though.

Good thing Ziggy chose to come in from his spot under the deck. He'd be a soggy mess now. Luna is hiding in one of the bedrooms or the basement. Not because of the thunder anymore, she's pretty deaf now, sweet, old girl. She just keeps looking for cooler spots to lay down.

Maybe I'll get to cut some lumber tomorrow. I hope so even though they're predicting the thunderstorms for then. We shall see.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

ALL the Ceiling Joists are In

A few days ago Hal and I got the ceiling joists installed in the main house structure. Felt really good to have that done. Now I wait while he checks lengths and adjusts any joists to ensure the house is 48 feet long left to right and the garage is 36 feet long left to right. He finished with the garage today. He'll start on the house part tomorrow after he buys some decking boards to lay across the joists to make walking around up there safer as well as easier.

Here is a photo with all the ceiling joists.
Ceiling Joists Installed

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Build Goes On

There's been a lot of wind and more rain since my last post but we managed to get the last of the purlins up in the garage and all purlins and joists are screwed at each end.
garage roof structure

garage viewed from the backyard
For the last couple of days we've started adding ceiling joists to the house half. These 17 joists are over the future kitchen and TV room.
kitchen/TV room joists

front view
Since these photos were taken Hal has also added some wall corner bracing because the structure is becoming top heavy.

We are taking the day off today because it's cold, still windy, and Hal's feet need a break from climbing the ladder. Back to work tomorrow though I'm not sure if it will be more purlin work or fascia boards on the garage.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Front Half of Garage Roof's Purlins Installed

Hal and I got 14 more purlins installed Saturday. Purlins are the horizontal boards along the roofline. I cut them to length, in this case 13' 10 5/8" to account for the overhang on the right. Otherwise, for our build, they usually are around 12 feet long. After I cut them to length up at the pole barn, I drove them down and then I handed them up while for Hal to put them in place and screw one end into the joist hangers. The other end will be screwed in after we attach straps to pull everything into square.
the first of 14 purlins

all 14 purlins installed

you can see the ones still missing in the back

starting to look like a roof
Of course it rained again on Sunday, so not much got done. I did plant a bunch of windbreak saplings that I bought from the county conservation district once the rain finally ended around 4 pm. Better luck on the house today though, nice and sunny!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Back to Building

The weather finally started to warm up over the weekend, so yesterday we finally got back to working on the new house. Hal actually got to work the day before by moving more sand into the garage with his dad's tractor. The added height certainly made getting to the ceiling joists easier.

I cut 5 to length but before Hal could put them up, he had to strap and winch the 2 trusses back together, they had spread apart about an inch during the winter. That'll teach us to leave joists up without screwing them in. Our only excuse was it was just too dang cold to screw them in. Yes, we're wimps.

However, the 5 did go up and tomorrow we'll do more. (Today I have to take Ziggy for his shots.) Hal will be moving dirt around the outside of the house today.

It's slow, but at least we're moving again.