Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shawl Test

I'm testing another shawl pattern, this one for Michelle DuNaier, the designer for whom I did the Anemone cardigan. It's the 2nd shawl of a 3 shawl series she's designing based on an early 20th century pattern and the series Downton Abbey on PBS. She's named them after the 3 sisters in the show (I assume they are sisters, I haven't seen enough of the show to know for sure) Lady Edith, Lady Sybil and Lady Mary. I'm doing Lady Sybil using 2 colors of an inexpensive (okay, I'll admit, cheap at only $1 per skein) acrylic yarn I picked up at Big Lots.
Here's the only photo so far though It's twice the size now. It's a nice pale yellow which in my experience has been very hard to find. Generally the yellows are brighter and mostly in baby yarns. The cream is also very nice as it has a yellow undertone rather than a beige undertone as most of them seem to have. It's a pretty easy pattern though I had a little difficulty today due to my own stupidity, not paying attention, whatever you want to call it. But I'm back on track now. Hopefully I'll have another photo to share in a day or two.


Just some random closeups of my last 3 flowering hollyhocks, the parts the deer didn't eat. I will need to plant some more.

And for the heck of it, some wild daisies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Major Progress on my Top Down Sweater

I slowed down a bit but a few days ago I did manage to finish the sleeves, add the edging and buttonholes. Yesterday I picked up 2 types of buttons and laid them out to think about. I will be using the brass colored ones. I like the pewter ones but they just don't seem to go as well.
In the first photo they both look pretty good. But in the second, from a distance, the pewter one seems to stand out too much.
So in the next couple of days I'll be attaching 7 brass colored buttons. (I'm pretty sure they're plastic but they look like brass. I still like them and they were 50% off so the price was right.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Had a couple of campfires down by the pond in the past week. First one was more pleasant as it cooled off faster so the bugs went away quickly. Second one 6 days later was on a warmer night that was a little muggier so the mosquitoes were out in force. Even long sleeves and jeans and my trusty hat and head net didn't save me. They got me through the pants and my shirt. Still the fire was nice as was the company which has never been more that Hal and the pups at our house. (I think the days of campfires at the farm are over, when half of Hal's siblings and children would be there.)

And as usual, here are a couple photos of the pups.
Hopefully we'll have a couple more this summer. Seems as though we never have more than 1 or 2.

Monday, July 21, 2014

More on the East Wall

The day after I cleaned the lower part of the wall I stained it. I used a pump sprayer and a foam applicator because the pump sprayed the stain unevenly and the stain was so thin it would run down the grooves. So I would spray and then spread. As I mentioned before it's a mess, but I did what I could. Yesterday and today I stained the upper part, 2/3 yesterday and the last third today. During all this I was assisted by Hal who moved and adjusted the ladder for me and handed me items when I needed them. So although it looks not great, at least it's better protected than it was before.
Hopefully, I'll get a couple more photos added tomorrow.