Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Hal!

Just got back from dinner at Rosa's with his parents. They wanted to take him out and I got to tag along. Dinner was great, 3 of us had their "hot rok" special, Hal had an Angus filet and shrimp, I had the filet and lobster tail and his dad had just shrimp. We got to cook them as well done or as rare as we wanted. His mom had the seafood bake which is a bunch of seafood baked in a sauce under phyllo dough. We shared an appetizer of mussels and then there was chocolate cake for dessert and apple crisp and the birthday cannoli. I swapped the cannoli for my cake because he really wanted the cake. (and the cake this time was better than the cannoli.)

The rest of the day I think Hal enjoyed, he got to laze about the house, had some coffee liqueur in the afternoon, and even cleaned out some clothes from his closet. I made him chocolate chip cookies yesterday and there are still plenty left. He says he had a pretty good day.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Yooper Vacation: Day 1, Point Iroquois

After Castle Rock we moseyed on up to Point Iroquois Lighthouse on St Mary's river just off Lake Superior. We took more photos of course. First the lighthouse from the front.
The lighthouse from the beach.
This is a 4th order Fresnel lens, not the original apparently but one taken from another light that was decommissioned. The Fresnel lenses apparently were very, very bright and could be seen farther than any other kinds. Numerous docents at the lights we visited said the formula for making the glass had been lost. Nowadays the lights are being replaced by LEDs.
Below is the Canadian Gros Cap Reef automated light that replaced the Iroquois light. This shot was taken with telephoto from Iroquois. Those are some pretty big wind turbines up on that hill.
And here is a photo of Hal and I in the tower, only 72 steps up. Aren't we the happy couple!
The stairs in the tower. That's a piece of Hal on his way back down.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Luna

My girl is nice today. Quite spry and peppy since she had her bad teeth out, too. We went on several swamp walks today. And I know she did a little digging. Now she is snoozing on the big bed by the fireplace. Hope she had a great day.

Here a couple photos I took at the end of July at Jewell Lake.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Yooper Vacation: Day 1, Castle Rock

Last week Hal and I took a road trip into the upper peninsula (UP) of Michigan. He had taken me on a day trip many years ago that I barely remember. This time the plan was 5 days and 4 nights seeing all the things I'd never seen and a few Hal had never seen as well.

We left at 10 am last Tuesday September 2nd (the day after Labor Day) after dropping the pups off at Mr J's and arranging for the chickens to be taken care of. For the most part we stayed off the freeways choosing to travel the secondary roads for the scenery. In a couple of hours we made it to the 5 mile long Mackinac Bridge and Hal took photos while I drove over.

First stop was Castle Rock an outcropping of "limestone breccia according to Wikipedia just outside of St Ignace. It's a little tourist trap but was fun, only charging a couple bucks to climb to climb all those steps to the top which is nearly 200 feet above Lake Huron. However many it was I discovered that all that dog walking did not get me into very good shape. We had to pause more than once to make it to the top. My thigh muscles were not happy.

Paul Bunyan and Babe
At the top I took several photos and we got someone else to take a photo of us. However as that was taken using Hal's camera you will have to settle for the photo I took of him with mine. Just imagine me behind the camera.
Looking back at the Mackinac Bridge
Hal, not his real name, but at last, his real face
As for the tourist trap part, all I bought was a tee shirt.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pityriasis Rosea

A Latin name meaning essentially, a rash. I have it. Lucky me. It's not life threatening and apparently is only a big problem if you're pregnant. Not likely to have that problem. It showed up about 3 weeks ago about the same time I realized the draggy feeling and painful/slightly scratchy throat I'd had for at least 3 days was probably some kind of cold or virus. Then one morning I woke up to some irregular red spots on my stomach. They seemed to coincided with locations I had removed ticks from earlier this summer. I thought it was kind of odd but didn't think much about it, they weren't the circular rigs associated with Lyme disease.

As I had already scheduled a doctor's appointment with my physician's assistant 10 days later I just ignored them as they didn't really itch. Two days before my appointment however, Hal noticed small bumps all over my back and more little ones had sprouted all over my stomach and seemed to be spreading onto my arms and legs. So though I was still not that concerned I got my appointment moved up to that same day. As soon as my PA saw it she laughed and told me exactly what it was. She apologized for laughing but apparently she was slightly giddy at being able to see such a nice textbook case.

Not a thing I can do about it. If it itches I can apply creams, calamine lotion, take an allergy pill, etc. Supposedly it goes away in 6-8 weeks. I don't know if that is from the onset or after the spots stop appearing. I don't know if they have stopped spreading. I took a couple photos four days apart earlier this week and they seemed to be about the same but I swear there were more yesterday. I guess I'll have to take another photo for comparison. But here's one of the taken on the 25th, just a closeup of a few along my right side. enjoy.