Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Planting and Miscellaneous Stuff

I've done a bit more planting since my last post. Three kinds of lettuce, a few more potato pieces and a bunch more snow peas. In peas I have Dwarf gray, Oregon Sugar Pod II and Melting Sugar. The ones I planted have started to emerge. 

Rained a lot the other day, I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than half an inch. Good that I got the lettuce in the day before.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the local nursery and I got several varieties of tomatoes; Sweet 100, Goliath, Jelly Bean, Red Cherry and an orange cherry I can't remember, Roma II, 2 peppers; Gypsy and a jalapeno, and a yellow marigold, a pink sensation cosmos and a pink cleome. These were all in 4 packs so the plants weren't any higher than about 6-8 inches. I need to get some potting soil for the veggies as they will mosly go in pots on the deck. As there are 12 packs in a flat, I seem to be missing another plant, probably a tomato. When the weather stays warm I'll plant them outside, probably in 2 weeks.

We also went to the library, the honey store where I got some flavored honeys and BBQ sauce made with honey. The owner said she lost 80% of her bees over winter again. Whatever is killing the honey bees just isn't stopping.

I also went to St Vincent de Paul's and donated quite a few bags of women's clothing. Some of it fairly new, I'm tired of wearing shirts with sleeves that don't reach my wrists.

Had a bit of a scratchy throat yesterday and it hasn't gone away today. I don't feel ver well, hopefully this won't get any worse. I'm supposed to go to a banquet tonight with Hal and just don't feel like it. Doubt he would go alone though and I can't find anyone to take my place. Maybe I'll feel better by then but it's doubtful.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Was Beginning to Wonder...

..if I was going to get logged in. I tried both my user names and none of the passwords were working so I reset it for one of them. This one, obviously, don't know about the other one yet, have to see if I can remember how to get into that email account first.

We finally got some much needed rain last night after 2 days of 80 degree weather. Only in the mid 60s today and cloudy. After dinner I planted some more snow peas  and spinach. Earlier today I finally got a couple trenches dug and planted 28 pieces of Yukon Gold. Hopefully, they'll grow though the pieces became black and fuzzy from the unexpected humidty overnight after I cut them and left them out to dry.

Today the washing machine pump died while I had a large load of clothes washing. Had to drain the tub with a hose twice (we partially refilled after the clothes were removed) and remove the pump. Its innards are frozen solid. Hal found a generic replacement on line this afternoon after much searching on line and on the machine itself for the model number. It's an old Whirpool Imperial Seventy, at least 24 years old. My parents gave it and its drying mate to us for a wedding present way back in '86. They've worked well for us that whole time. I'd hate to have to buy a new one, they don't last as long. Hal already repaired the dryer a couple years ago.

Had to take that load of wet, somewhat dirty laundry over to Uncle Butch's to finish the rinse cycles. The clothes are all hanging up drying now on the rack in the garage. The part is supposed to arrive by next Wednesday. I've got lots more clothes to wash, too. This is what I get for letting the laundry build up. If I'd washed a load a couple days ago, we'd have ordered the part already and it would have been here before I ran out of clean clothes. I think we will survive.