Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Planting and Miscellaneous Stuff

I've done a bit more planting since my last post. Three kinds of lettuce, a few more potato pieces and a bunch more snow peas. In peas I have Dwarf gray, Oregon Sugar Pod II and Melting Sugar. The ones I planted have started to emerge. 

Rained a lot the other day, I wouldn't be surprised if we got more than half an inch. Good that I got the lettuce in the day before.

Yesterday a friend and I went to the local nursery and I got several varieties of tomatoes; Sweet 100, Goliath, Jelly Bean, Red Cherry and an orange cherry I can't remember, Roma II, 2 peppers; Gypsy and a jalapeno, and a yellow marigold, a pink sensation cosmos and a pink cleome. These were all in 4 packs so the plants weren't any higher than about 6-8 inches. I need to get some potting soil for the veggies as they will mosly go in pots on the deck. As there are 12 packs in a flat, I seem to be missing another plant, probably a tomato. When the weather stays warm I'll plant them outside, probably in 2 weeks.

We also went to the library, the honey store where I got some flavored honeys and BBQ sauce made with honey. The owner said she lost 80% of her bees over winter again. Whatever is killing the honey bees just isn't stopping.

I also went to St Vincent de Paul's and donated quite a few bags of women's clothing. Some of it fairly new, I'm tired of wearing shirts with sleeves that don't reach my wrists.

Had a bit of a scratchy throat yesterday and it hasn't gone away today. I don't feel ver well, hopefully this won't get any worse. I'm supposed to go to a banquet tonight with Hal and just don't feel like it. Doubt he would go alone though and I can't find anyone to take my place. Maybe I'll feel better by then but it's doubtful.

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