Saturday, June 6, 2009

Real Farming

At least real enough for me and more than I 'm used to. Hal had plowed and disced a quarter acre of old farm land that had been in nothing but weeds for years last fall and planted winter wheat. This year he tilled that under and yesterday I planted 61 hills of various varieties of zucchini and cucumbers. Later we went to his dad's farm and helped him plant 7 rows of corn, 20 pounds of Chieftain potatoes (red), and a row and a half of tenderette green bush beans. It may not sound like a lot to real farmers but for 4 people it should be more than enough assuming the critters don't eat it all before we can harvest some.

My muscles are tired today but it feels good to have something like this accomplished. Now if I can just get the 4 tomato plants I bought into their pots. The ones I grew from seed are barely 3 inches tall.

Friday, June 5, 2009

All Gone

The ducks that were sent to the farm last fall because of the killer mink in my pond are all gone. As is Squash the Barred Rock rooster and his 2 hens. Something got into the chicken yard, we suspect raccoon and killed everything except the 3 guineas. No one there even noticed. Hal and I went there today to plant some corn and I went over to the bird yard and found nothing but white feathers from the Pekin, l'Orange and the carcass of the rooster. Poor guys. What an awful way to go.