Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mundane Happenings Which I Forgot to Post a Month Ago

My snowpeas started to sprout a few days ago and I planted the remaining packets I had before the last rain. I also scavenged the chicken wire around  the veggie garden across the driveway that never did well because it was in the swamp and wrapped the heck out of it. This garden is in the front yard inside one of the chicken runs, where I moved it to last summer after the bunny and deer devastation in my first garden that had never happened before in the previous 15 years I had planted there! In another month I can plant my beans and cukes and zukes.

The weather has been mostly delightful in the 70s the last 2 days though a drop to about 41 for a high is forecast in 2 days, with almost 2 inches of rain possible over that day and the next! At least it isn't snow which could happen with the temps at night in the low 30s'.

Hal and I have been doing other things though. I had 3 roofing companies bid to re-roof the house, we picked number 2 who was in the middle price wise but he had a few points the others didn't stress that we liked and he and Hal got along very well. So I signed a contract and we'll have a new roof around the beginning of July. It will be nice to have a roof that does not leak.

Yesterday I took Ziggy to the vet for his yearly shots. I left Luna home though. She is 11 years 7 months old and it shows. It's almost impossible to get her into the car, I have to pick up her back end every time and she's about 75 pounds. Even Ziggy required a little back end help to get him onto the back seat. He has no trouble jumping into the cargo hold at the back but the footwell/seat arrangement confuses him. The cargo hold was packed with stuff to donate, the food cooler and a bunch of bags as I was shopping with Judy as well. Fortunately though it was  degrees at home it was only 63 down at the vets, clouding over and then lots of rain so there was no danger of Zig overheating while we shopped. (and the shopping was short for once!! the eating at the AYCE Chinese restaurant down there was very enjoyable though.

While I was gone Hal emptied the hot tub, took his chainsaw and reciprocating saw and hacked it to pieces. We made the decision to get rid of it 3 days ago rather than go to the very expensive route of trying to fix a broken filter system (it died when the breaker failed and went unnoticed during a -20 F degree winter), a new blower, which failed pretty much right when we moved in, a dead light which leaked and it was developing micro fractures all along it's edges. In the last year we probably used it once or twice, so it will not be missed.

I started cleaning the siding on the front of the house, I need to continue the staining that I started 3 years ago and never got beyond the east wall. That wall is holding up nicely, by the way. There is lots of mildew so I'm adding a little bleach to the water and scrubbing away. This will be an all summer job. I hope to do a little more today.