Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Sister's New Puppy

She's also my mom's. One of 8 poor little labradors owned by a sad excuse for a human being. I shan't go into more because it's a small town and you never know who reads these things, one of the reasons I don't use real names. Suffice to say, I paid his blood price and got what I think is the best of the bunch, at least as far as a temperament that would be great for my sister and mom. She's only 5 weeks old, but as I was in danger of losing her, my brother and I rescued her before something bad could happen.

She is settling in wonderfully though Rocket ignores her and Luna is afraid of her. If the puppy approaches her from behind Luna runs. Luna will now approach the puppy from the front but she would rather be elsewhere, at Uncle Butch's in fact, where she and Rocket both ran to before 8 am this morning.

How can any dog be afraid of this? The top photo was taken today, the one below, a week ago. I suppose Luna will get used to her, I hope so since she will be here till my sister and mom pick her up at Christmas time. It will be hard to give her up then but Luna and Rocket come first in my family.

I sure wouldn't mind adopting one of her siblings though.