Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Hal and I, my younger sister (YS) and her significant other (SO) had a pretty great day today. We started with some Pillsbury danish for breakfast, orange and cinnamon, coffee and tea. Then YS and I brought out the stockings and mine was quite the surprise as SO had his mom knit me a new stocking to replace the one that one of my aunts made me when I was a baby. I now have a stocking bigger than Hal's which is very large indeed as it was the first one I ever knitted modelling it on my old one. All I have made since are 20 stitches narrower.

Then we opened the presents under the tree. The tree with presents photos are still in my camera, for now here are the empty tree photos.
No flash

with flash
YS mostly decorated it for me. I usually leave it till she arrives. Call me lazy but I thought it looked great with just the lights and garland.

Dinner was made by SO, a venison tenderloin experiment using bitter chocolate whisked into the au jus. Mashed potatoes mashed with leeks and my green beans made with garlic and oyster sauce.  And dang it! I just remembered we forgot to cook the rolls!

Now we are watching a DVD of Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day. Then we will have chocolate cream pie for dessert.

Yes, a pretty good time. And so did the dogs. Lots of goodies for them, too.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Few Dogs

I have been ignoring my blog, so here's a photo of dogs taken with my "new" used Panasonic ZS50. Ziggy is the little black one, Luna is the yellow one on the left, and Lyra, visiting from Massachusetts is the creamy one in the back. I think they are enjoying the snow.