Friday, March 3, 2017

Ziggy's at the Vet

I dropped him off 4 hours ago to have a growth removed from his tongue and biopsied. I had hoped it was something like the papillomavirus but when I took him in a month ago the vet didn't think it was and I agreed because it didn't look like the photos. She said not to worry but she recommended removal and a biopsy and today was the soonest we could get him in.

This isn't my usual vet but the closer one I used to take Rocket to till he just refused to go in the door anymore and I didn't want to continue stressing him so much. But Luna has been there twice for emergency surgeries when she cut herself out in the woods and they did a great job.

When I noticed the white growth on Ziggy I didn't want to wait for an appointment at my et which is also an hour away (this ver is only 20 minutes). I probably could have gotten in the next day but I think I had some other thing I had to do so this was fast and convenient even if I had to wait an hour because in Lincoln it's first come first served.

So now I wait and I hate waiting. Then it's another possible 2 weeks before I find out the results. He might not even be in surgery yet. Fingers crossed things go well.

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