Monday, December 12, 2011

One Week Later

On the night of my last post, around 10 pm I started coughing. I thought I had just inhaled a piece of dust but it wouldn't stop and before the night was over I had chills, even though I seemed to be burning up. Somehow, somewhere I caught a bug which has now lasted a week. I've been miserable, the only thing that hasn't happened to me is praying to the porcelain god. Everything else, I got hit with it. I don't remember running into anyone who was ill but I guess I caught this the night of the anniversary party 2 days earlier. Only time I was with a lot of other people.

Fortunately, the fever only lasted the one night as did the sore throat but I've pretty much felt like crap the last 7 days. I guess I'm lucky that other than chasing down Ziggy on occasion and Luna when she was bad, and loading the wood stove, I could pretty much lay about and do nothing. I didn't even feel like eating which is unusual for me even with the stomach flu. I've actually lost 5 pounds though I figure at least 3 of those are just water weight, but at least it's a good thing that came out of this.

Hal took off to camp which was fine with me because I didn't want to cook, could barely function as it was. Plus I hope he does not contract this, it is nasty. I thought I was feeling better yesterday but today I feel worse so I'm still not eating much though I am planning on pizza for dinner. My bred machine even now is madly whipping the dough into shape.

Otherwise, still no snow and no idea when my younger sister is arriving. I figure I have a few days to get back to cleaning up the house, now that I can move about again without feeling as though parts of me wish for non-existence. I wonder if this would have been worse without the flu shot I had in October.

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