Friday, May 16, 2014

Salix discolor

I took this photo back on April 29th but didn't realize that my SD camera card was not in the camera. It was saved to internal memory which I couldn't access till I found the cable to connect to my computer a few minutes ago. I don't think I've ever used that cable till today. Not a bad photo for a closeup while holding the camera away from my body. A nicer day would have been nice as the sky is washed out but then there probably wouldn't have been any water droplets with a blue sky.
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Most of the p-willows have gone to seed now but they were pretty while they lasted.

Leaves are slowly unfurling on everything else, the quickest have been the tag alders, the maple trees have dropped most of their red flowers. Normally their leaves would be popping too, but I think the cold winter may have delayed them a few days. In the past I've noticed maple leaves usually by the 15th. I'm pretty sure I read that trees leaf out more according to the amount of daylight than by temperature, but who knows? I am not a biologist. I am looking forward to them though.

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