Saturday, May 17, 2014

Free Ranging and Flowers

No, in this instance one does not have anything to do with the other, I'm just posting more daffodil photos and chicken photos. I've been free ranging the chickens and guineas almost daily in the past couple of weeks. I let them out usually between noon and 1 pm that way most of the eggs have been laid in the coop. Oddly though I am getting fewer eggs per day. it's possible a hen or two is hiding her eggs but as I have more than I can use even when giving them away I'm not going to worry about it. So far I haven't seen signs of foxes or hawks, but Ziggy spends most of the day outside with them so that probably helps.
Is he trying to impress the guineas? They'll have none of it.
Big Blue is everywhere, doing his job
All my daffodils that are going to bloom have bloomed. Have a whole bunch that didn't. I don't know if that means they need fertilizer or perhaps I need to dig them up and separate them? (Ha, I just read that some of the newer varieties, Ice Follies for example, of which I have some, bloom less and less over the years due to weaker genetics. I wonder what kind I should buy to avoid this?)
various daffys
salome, if it was shady they would be pink
a nice double daffy
Yes I like daffodils, I should definitely get more. But now it's time to walk the dogs.

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