Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day

Unlike Veteran's Day in November which honors all people who have served in the US military, Memorial Day is to honor those in the military who have given their lives in the service of our country. I did not only go downstate for a baseball game last weekend, I also attended the Memorial Day observance at the Reflection Pond in Riverview, MI. Hal's older brother, a retired major general in the USAF was the keynote speaker. (Hal's family is from an adjacent city.) The ceremony was put on by the local American Legion Post 389 (I hope I got the number right.) They also honored some local Korean war veterans with a medal. Apparently they're honoring vets from the different wars each year.

It was a nice ceremony and my BIL's speech was very moving, talking about the history of Memorial Day and speaking personally about persons he knew who had died in Afghanistan.

I snapped a few photos, nothing spectacular, just a general idea of what happened. Probably about 200 people attended, which I guess is pretty good these days.
There were 2 veteran motorcycle clubs
Half mast till the end of the ceremony
Riverview High School Band
Color Guard, that's the back of the general
Korean War vets being escorted by the Enforcers biker club

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