Friday, April 18, 2014

The Problem with Spring

As much as I look forward to warmer weather, especially after such a brutal winter, I don't enjoy what my dogs often find in the woods, namely, stinky things to roll around in. And so as not to let me become too complacent in my enjoyment of spring, Luna was the first to find something to cover her neck in. Notice how she seems so proud of herself.

She must have found something old though, as it didn't smell as bad as it usually does. I still had to take the hose to her and use the odor killing shampoo.
Of course, after the bath she had to roll the in the dirt to compensate. Fortunately the dirt is fairly clean and did eventually fall off after she dried.
Not to be outdone however, the ever feisty Ziggy did find fresh bear poop and you could smell him coming. I didn't bother with the photo though because you can't see it on a black dog. He did not enjoy the outdoor hose bath because it was colder out that day. Plus the shampoo didn't get all the smell out so he was also doused with baby powder. So for now, all are mostly clean. Till next time.

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