Monday, April 21, 2014

Luna is Limping, Again

Luna seems to be the klutz of the family. I don't know how she does it but every few weeks it seems something is wrong with her. Lately she has been obsessed with licking the outside toes of her right front paw. I kept checking but couldn't find anything wrong. Those outer 2 toes were blood stained as well so I suspected a toenail problem but still couldn't see anything. I made sure to keep her toenails clipped as well, but not too short.

I took her to the vet Friday but in my mind the doc really didn't pay that much attention to it since she wasn't limping. Maybe it's because Ziggy was there too and getting all his shots and his annual exam, who knows? He thought it was an allergy, gave her a shot and said to watch it. uhuh.

Well late yesterday afternoon on our last walk of the day the two of them decided to go wild digging a hole looking for critters. I just kept walking on our circular trail and on my 3rd past finally just grabbed collars and dragged them away. I thought I noticed a slight limp. Later in the evening that limp was quite pronounced and there was no improvement this morning. So I've made another appointment for this afternoon. I suspect this time that foot will get looked at properly.


Back from the vet. Poor Luna got her foot prodded and poked and pulled, and then that outer toe shaved and got her webbing nicked to boot! But the doc thinks she caught her toenail on something and hyper-extended the joint and of course digging exacerbated the injury. So she is on pain/anti-inflammatory meds for 10 days and no walks or digging. She isn't going to be happy about that, but she should be used to it by now, every year it seems she injures one limb or another!

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