Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Got to Dig in the Garden Today!

I really didn't think I'd be able to any gardening as the snow only melted off my 3 vegetable gardens in the last few days. I figured I'd hit frost a couple inches down, but I took my claw-hoe to it and dang, I could dig! So I spent about an hour cleaning the weeds off the top of my smallest garden, the one with the higher fence for the snow peas to climb.

It felt good, I will work on it and the others a little more this week, though probably not tomorrow as they are forecasting rain.

I also finally ordered my vegetable seeds from PineTree Gardens in Maine. Usually I'd have ordered them a month ago but the nasty winter just kept me from even thinking about gardening. Since I was so late they actually sold out of one of my favorite green beans, Jade, but I was still able to get Masai and got a couple others to try.

Free ranged the birds again, and walked the dogs as usual. While I was digging they poked around in the swamp, getting into places they hadn't seen in months. I suspect that soon they will find something stinky to roll in.

I also walked the electric fence this afternoon and repaired 3 separate breaks in the top wire, all caused by deer leaping into the yard (I could tell by the quantity of deer poop everywhere and the lack of trees laying across the wire). Still won't turn it back on for a few days as the lower wire is still buried in places by snow.

And my daffodils are poking through the ground. No sign of any crocuses though.

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