Saturday, April 26, 2014

More Crochet Projects Completed

Finished a couple more crochet projects this week. One of them, another shawl called Winter's End that I started at the end of March was blocked and photographed in the woods 2 days ago. It's 100% Peruvian wool (Cascade 220). I had the brown and purple yarns for years, can't remember how many, but picked it up when I visited WEBs in Northhampton, MA with some online friends. I said at the time it would probably be a shawl though at the time I really wasn't do much crocheting and I didn't have a great amount of experience doing anything fancier than the occasional hat or afghan. But a little more than a year after getting back into crocheting I have really learned at lot. I'm calling my version of the pattern Really Late Spring because spring was late and is staying very cold.
64" wide x 23" deep at the center
I am really pleased with how much this shawl stretched when I blocked it because it sure didn't look very big when I first completed it. I'm just luck wool and the mesh design of the body cooperated.
Pre-blocking almost as wide but only 12" deep
The other project I just completed today is the lace cardigan I started last August. Unfortunately I have since gained quite a bit of weight and it no longer fits so I am hoping it might fit someone else in the family. Until then I can't do the final blocking or add the buttons. Otherwise, it is finished so will sit in a drawer for now. Hey, maybe I'll lose that weight someday!

The yarn was a bamboo acrylic from that is no longer made which is a shame because it has a nice weight, feel and sheen to to. I was lucky to find another skein of it at my local hardware store when it turned out I hadn't bought enough. The dye lot was different but I alternated for a few rows in case it runs in the wash. Hopefully that won't happen. Sure can't see any difference in this photo or in person.
Latticework Cardigan
Both patterns were designed by Michelle DuNaier who can be found at

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