Sunday, April 13, 2014

Planted Some Snow Peas

The day after I dug in the garden I dug some more, mostly along the south and west sides. I found some snow-pea seeds from last year. One a packet of Burpee Snowbird that I hadn't even open, it got lost on a shelf in the garage. The other snow peas were from the bulk seeds I bought at the Lincoln hardware store. I soaked them for about an hour which should help with the germination and managed to get them planted just as a light rain shower started. I counted a little over 270 seeds, about 120 were the Snowbird and the rest were the unknown variety. I hope I get some germination as I don't know when my seeds from Pinetree in Maine will arrive.

We're going to have a 3 day taste of winter starting tomorrow. Though the high is supposed to be around 43, the night temps are to be around 20, and then Tuesday's high only 31 and then 16. Wednesday it creeps a bit higher but no 40s again till Thursday. They're even talking snow Monday night though I don't know how much yet. Hopefully most of the wet weather will come through in the daytime, it's all about the timing of the cold front's arrival. Can't say I'm looking forward to it, but at least it shouldn't stick around too long. I just don't want it to crush the 2 crocuses that are about to bloom. It will be nice to see a flower or two!

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