Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lillian in the Cedars

It's just a coincidence that the name of this shawl is my paternal grandmother's name. But I liked the pattern and i loved my grandmother so it seemed appropriate. I posted a beginning photo back and April 10th but just realized I did not post one of the finished shawl. The main body was pretty easy though I'd been working with worsted yarns so much going back to fingering weight was awkward to the point that the first few rows of the shawl were crocheted much too loosely than they should have been. I tried to fix that in blocking.
The edging is very open and a little awkward to attach but I did my best. I also added beads to the final outer edge within the picots.
One annoyance with this pattern is the edging doesn't seem to go all the way to the side edges as the rows continue. It's very odd and looks even odder blocked but at some point I may try to add some chain stitches to the sides. Haven't figured out how yet and I'm about to start 2 new shawls so who knows when it will happen. Still, if I can figure out how to fix the edging it would be nice to make another.

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