Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Finally Arrived

These last few days we have had temperatures in the low 50s. Today reached 56.8 F. It's been really nice, sunny, all around pleasant. The snow is melting much more quickly now though my driveway is still a sheet of ice in places. The vegetable gardens are slowly appearing though the ground is still too cold and mostly frozen to even think about planting cold weather veggies like lettuce or peas. I haven't even bought any seeds because it just seemed as though winter would never end.

I saw my first robin yesterday while driving to Alpena. Hal had seen a flock last week but I still haven't seen any in my own yard.

Been free ranging the chickens and guineas now and then. They've been enjoying getting out of their wet, crap filled run and picking at whatever they can find. They particularly have enjoyed dust bathing again up against the house foundation where the ground has thawed and dried out. I even mucked the coop out Sunday and did a little more today. It was worse than it's ever been in the past because it was just too cold most of the winter for the birds to be outside. I still need to pull out a bit more crap before I can add fresh straw.

No sign of any crocuses yet, maybe within the week. That would be nice. I wonder when the grass will start reviving.

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