Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Snow and a Few Other Things

Woke up to 4 inches of fluffy new snow on the ground yesterday morning and temps that wouldn't climb out of the high 20s. Rather disappointing after all the nicer weather we'd been having but we always seem to get at least one snow storm in April so it wasn't unexpected. I managed to walk the dogs once through the woods before I had to leave for Alpena. I snapped a few photos. Of course Luna and Ziggy are in some of them.

While in Alpena Mrs J and I ate at the Mexican restaurant that replaced the previous one that just couldn't make a go of it. I was not impressed. Hal was not impressed with the take-out I brought him. The rice and beans were bland, actually needed salt to improve the taste, I almost never add salt to my food.  Mrs J like it, said it was better than the old one. I miss the old one, at least they knew how to use spices, this new place does not. Still it's only been open a couple weeks maybe they'll improve. I'll try it at least once more, get something different.

I also picked up my new eye glasses. I've been wearing wire rims for years and decided to go with something different this time, back to plastic, but they're dark purple. and just happen to match the color of Rory. Must be fate.

Nothing else I can think of to relate. Temps got to 45 today but the wind was blowing so it felt cold even with the sun. May be better tomorrow.

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