Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Area Rugs

Though I am still in love with my gorgeous vinyl floor we had installed last July, I decided it needed some area rugs for warmth and keeping the pups from slipping and sliding all over. I probably mentioned this last month when I picked up that big rug laying in front of our recliners. Since I couldn't find any I liked locally or when I was downstate last month I looked online and found some nice ones at Overstock.com that happened to be on sale and shipping was free. I ordered them last Monday and though they were out for delivery by UPS last Friday but UPS took exception to the weather and didn't even leave them at the general store in town as they've done before. But they came yesterday, left at the store unbeknownst to me till I checked the tracking number that said "Delivered to woman customer".  Uh, yeah. I called the store and the girl who answered checked with someone in the back and yeah, 2 packages were there.

The 3rd rug, the smallest one, did not arrive and its tracking number seemed to be stuck in limbo, UPS claiming they had a shipping label and number but no item to ship. Making a long story short I contacted Overstock with their online chat help system and a nice person called Felix said he would look into it. A couple hours later I received an email stating things were fixed and I should get my rug Wednesday. Sure enough the tracking number began working and as of this afternoon it has made it to Maumee, Ohio.

In the meantime have a look at my new rugs.

This one is 5'3" in diameter and made from synthetic fibers. I can wash this one with my carpet cleaner when necessary. The color was exactly what I wanted and goes really well with my faded burgundy/green wing chairs. I put the ottoman to one side for a better photo.
My other rug is made of hand-tufted (they claim though for the low price I wouldn't be surprised if machines were really involved) wool and is 2'6" by 10' long and is in the bedroom hall. I was really pleased to be able to get runners longer than the 8' ones usually found in the stores. It was a little pricier because it is wool and will require professional cleaning when needed but hopefully being in the bedroom hall where it won't be walked on with boots or shoes it will stay relatively clean.
Her's a closeup view of the center or the runner. I really love the colors and it brightens up the hall nicely. It's the same pattern as the 3rd rug and I chose it for the other stuffed chair in the living room. When I get it I'll post another photo. I am very pleased.

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