Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yogi was Rocket's Best Buddy

And he is gone.
January 2004, At his House
My neighbor and friend called at 8 am this morning to tell me he had a heart attack early this morning. I hadn't been over there yesterday so I didn't get to see him. He looked and acted fine the day before though he mainly lay in front of the wood stove. He did greet me and my pups when we walked in the door, always needing to see who was coming for a visit. He was 13, same age as Rocket but in much better shape than Rocket was at the end, just a little lame, a little slower. The 3 of us went over as soon as we could so Luna and Ziggy could sniff him and understand (I hope) why Yogi won't be there any more. He was a good old boy, a typical Labrador, loved to eat, drooled like a champion, and wanted lots of attention. He loved a good ear rub and having his back scratched just above his tail.

Here are a few photos.

I think this one is from 2007 at our favorite out of the way beach that everyone brings their dogs to.
2007 Negwegon, Rocket, Yogi and Tank
 Begging for food, as usual.
Hoping for a goody, April 2003
 Wrestling, a favorite past time, at Yogi's house.
Wrestling at Yogi's House April 2003
Begging for a goody on another day.
January 7, 2003 at my Front Door
And one of my favorite pictures, Rocket and Yogi playing tug of war.
 Goodbye Yogi, you will be missed.

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