Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Hal refers to V Day as a "Hallmark Holiday", the card company that wants you to buy cards and make them money. I googled it and while yes, it took off in the 1800's with the ability to mass manufacture special greeting cards, there was no mention of Hallmark. I guess Hal would say that they may not have invented it, but perfected it. Suffice to say it's not a big day with us although he did choose this day many years ago to propose marriage to me.

We are not going out tonight. Instead I am making his favorite dinner, roast chicken with bread and giblet stuffing. There won't be any potatoes, but there will be gravy for the stuffing. Green beans will accompany it, there will be a Sauvignon Blanc from California and dessert is a cherry "poke cake". That is nothing more than a baked sheet (household size, ie, 13" x9")  cake, in this case white with holes poked in it and then liquid gelatin made with half the usual water poured over the top, then frosted. Fast, easy and tasty.

I've got the giblets cooking on the stove now, been almost 3 hours, the gizzards are not softening, I'll just have to dice them small. I would like to get the bird (one of ours) in the oven by 3 pm which is in less than an hour. I suppose I'd better get up and get to it, bird isn't going to stuff itself.

Incidentally, I did give Hal a card this morning.

It wasn't from Hallmark.

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