Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recycling Day

Every second Saturday of the month (except August because of the county fair) the county has a drop-off for recyclables at the county fair grounds. I've been wanting to go for months but I've either forgotten, had company, there's been bad weather, etc. The cans and plastic and bottles have been stacking up in the basement to the point of over flowing. But finally today, I was able to take my car to the fair grounds filled with crushed aluminum cans, plastics # 1 and 2, and numerous glass bottles. I paid my $5 and the volunteers emptied my car out in less than 5 minutes. It felt good to have it all gone. I also learned that they now also accept plastics 3-7. I wish I'd known that before I pulled out all the 5's but that's okay, next time. I also don't have to keep everything separated. YAY!

After I got home I took Mrs J to Alpena for a small shopping trip, we had lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. It was a lovely sunny day, bright blue skies and better yet, it unexpectedly hit 24 degrees, Fahrenheit! With there being almost no wind it actually felt warm! After eating, I picked up some take out for Hal and we headed home. Got home while it was still daylight and was able to take the pups for a nice walk twice around the swamp trails. A pretty good day all in all.

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