Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well That Was Easy

Nine months ago when I tried to add 1500 minutes to my NET10 phone online I fought with their website for days because it would not let me actually skip an additional $10 charge for global minutes which I couldn't really use. After emails, discussions in their forum, etc I eventually had to use my phone to add 3 months of minutes totaling $30 for 300 minutes, the original 10 cents per minute the service is named after. I like the online 1500 minute plan because it only costs $100, a definite savings over using the phone to buy minutes. When those 3 months were over I tried again and was actually able to get the 1500 but it did take about 3 days of trying before it worked.

A few minutes ago I went to the website, logged in chose the 1500 minutes, skipped the global card (it worked!) selected my 1500 minutes, paid and wham, barely 30 seconds had passed when my phone beeped and there they were. Easy peasy! I love it when technology works right the first time!

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