Sunday, March 2, 2014

YAY It's March!!

I've never cared for February, it's usually the coldest, snowiest month and feels like it takes forever to go away. This year I believe January was probably colder than average but somehow it's not so bad being as it's still "early" winter. February is the month before spring arrives so I think the desire for spring makes it that much harder to bear. But it's gone, it's the second day of March and it's still only 15 F and supposed to drop to -13 tonight. I hope that is wrong, after all it's been a few degrees warmer than all the predictions lately  (except for 2 nights ago when it dropped to -23.1!) These colder than average temps will remain this low till at least Thursday (today is Sunday) and then barely squeak into the low 20s. Everyone I know is very tired of this weather.

We are almost out of cut up firewood. It was supposed to last longer than this but we anticipated a more normal winter. Today Hal dragged some long logs that were up the driveway and hidden under the snow down to the stove. Later this week he will probably cut them up. He's hoping for much warmer weather to do it in though. I will probably be heading downstate Friday to visit his sister again. The last time I went at the end of January we did so much running around it wasn't very relaxing. We are going to try harder to relax this time. The dogs are not going to be pleased but they'll get over it.

It's taken me all day to get this post finished so I'd better just quit now.

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