Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Cold Continues with Blips of Teasing Warmth

I really should complain less about cold winter temps, even if those temperatures are 10-20 degrees below average for March. But after a nice 51 degrees F two days ago, night temps dropping below zero and day temps only into the high teens and low 20s is just cruel. Thankfully there was plenty of sun yesterday which did cause the thermometer to achieve 30 for a split second even if the winds made it feel much colder. Had to be fairly nice though, even if I didn't feel warm because Luna and Ziggy spent most of the afternoon laying on the deck instead of pestering me to let them back inside or go for multiple walks. (Don't worry my faithful reader, they still had at least 4 separate walks yesterday!)

Tonight's forecast low is -13 which is probably likely as wunderground has been pretty pretty accurate in their forecasts lately. Hopefully it really will hit 40 Tuesday, and then rain for Wednesday! We just have to slog through the barely 20's predicted for today and tomorrow. With the vernal equinox arriving Thursday (when it's supposed to reach only 34 and snow besides) I really would love the weather to match the season!

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