Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weather Check for the Spring Season

Because this winter has been so deeply cold, snowy and seems to be lasting forever, I thought I'd just make a post to compare each year with the last to see how bad or good things are. Apparently I didn't really post any info last year, and the previous year was an anomaly because of the unprecedented 2 week heat wave.

But for the record, last night's low was 29.1 F. Yesterdays high was 41.3 F and very windy. There was rain in the morning yesterday mixing with snow before it ended around noon. Though the high did hit 41 most of the day averaged around 37. There was some major melting though which is good. The ground is still frozen solid, no sign of any crocuses.

The forecast low tonight is 9 F. Brrr. Way too many single digits for this time of year. But last night was 7 degrees warmer than the forecast, we shall see what really happens tomorrow.

eta: the high was 38.4 F, the low by next morning 19.1F.

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