Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Third Rug

My last area rug did arrive last Wednesday as Overstock said and I am pleased with it as well. Being small and round I was afraid that the design would be placed oddly, a huge empty space in the center with the big flowers lopped off along the edges. While it's not as perfect a selection of the flower pattern as I would wish for (I would have loved that big blue flower in the center that's in the middle of my runner) I still like it just fine. The dogs seem to like it, too.
3' diameter Wool rug
Luna looks a little sheepish. Perhaps she's thinking she shouldn't sit there without permission?
Luna discovered it pretty quickly.
Ziggy and Luna sunning themselves. No sheepish looks here. I think the rug looks very nice in front of mom's old living room chair.
Rug in the Sun with Dogs
As an added bonus to this rug post, here are some recent yarn purchases. The cones on the the right came from WEBS and are a lace weight merino-tencel blend called Colrain Lace. Colors are whipple blue and chocolate. There were on sale and even with shipping charges were a good buy. The others are just a Caron simply soft bought to make a shawl. I'm not sure what the lace will be used for yet, I just couldn't pass on something I've been wanting to try for a long time. And don't they look nice on my rug?!!

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