Thursday, March 5, 2015

Still Surviving But Wanting More!

The remnants of the flu just keep hanging on. My tooth still aches though not as much as it had but it's still keeping me from feeling great or chewing on that side of my mouth. I can tell my head is still stuffed up, so my sinuses are still whacked, and I've only 4 days left of these antibiotics. I just have to hope it's enough to finish off the problem.

I am recovered enough to take the dogs on at least 2 walks per day even if a walk only consists of one loop through the woods. Each loop takes 8-10 minutes depending on how much energy I've got. I keep thinking I'll go around twice but by the time I get to the end of the first loop I am pretty tired, so home we go. At least we are going out twice now. I know they will love it more when it's back to 2-3 loops 3 times a day. I know I'll be happier, too.

This bug did help me to lose 3 more pounds. I've probably gained back one or 2 since I'm eating again without the benefits of exercise but I'm not eating tons of junk food so that's good. If it does stay off for the next weigh-in that will be 5 pounds of the 9 gained over the holidays. When those are gone I can tackle the 15 pounds gained over the previous holiday, then the 11 from the holiday the year before that. That's 35 pounds and a lot to lose in one year so I will settle for 20. A nice round number and more doable with the dieting method of just eating properly 3 times every day and cutting out most junk food. No more skipping lunches for me, I think my body was tricked into thinking it was starving and thus hoarded calories.

This diet will also see me dumping things with high fructose corn syrup, refined grains and excess sugar. I'm reading Jillian Michael's book "Master your Metabolism" (Christmas gift from my favorite older sister) and lots of what she says makes sense. Heck, I even bought a package of organic cherry tomatoes. They were $3.99, almost double the price of regular but as I got sick I couldn't eat them for more than a week. They were sitting on the counter all that time and when I finally got to them this week they were tasty and still fresh. Usually the regular ones are dead and gone. I bought these because the other ones looked bad in the store! My money did not go to waste. Hopefully getting my weight down, and Hal's if he doesn't keep on eating cookies, will also bring our cholesterol down. I really don't want to try pills for that yet.

But it would be awfully nice if my sinuses would clear up soon!

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