Monday, March 9, 2015


Three nights ago just after 11 pm, my toothache just stopped. It was wonderful. It came back for an annoying few hours Saturday afternoon and evening and was gone again Sunday morning. The relief is incredible. Having that consistent dull ache for two and half weeks (and those few days where it was much more than a dull ache) was draining. I'm feeling much better and was able to take the dogs one extra loop (3 total) through the woods yesterday. I suspect they enjoyed it. Today I managed to make it 4 times through even though the snow is getting mushy and hard to walk in (yes, I think winter's back is finally broken, it reached 50 today for a couple of minutes!) I just hope my sinuses continue to improve which they should as I got a new prescription from my doctor today. I've still got pressure in the top of my head, behind that tooth, popping ears and a minor cough.

And tonight a friend whom I haven't talked to in years suggested hydrogen peroxide in my ears. I Googled it, still sounds fishy but I'll give it a shot. If nothing else it will clean out any wax buildup and maybe even stop my ears from itching which has been a thing that's gone on for years.

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