Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our First Maple Syrup

Not counting the 2 gallons test batch that dropped to 4 ounces of syrup and in my opinion wasn't very sweet, Hal next boiled down 15 gallons of sap. This time he used our old 2 burner gas grill, popped out the window for steam evaporation and set the old aluminum turkey roaster inside. 
Because there was so much sap and so few hours in the day, he also started the smoker unit running and between them got the sap down to about 2 quarts to cook in my big pan on the kitchen stove.
After boiling this down for another couple of hours he transferred it to an even smaller 2 quart pan for the final boil. This one you have to watch carefully to not go too far and burn it.
Then he decanted it off into mason jars filtering through a piece of cotton and a jelly bag. After cooling, the minerals/sediment, aka sugar sand settled to the bottom.

 This is what we did with it the next day. Poured it over my cinnamon, blueberry oatmeal pancakes.
One more shot of those pancakes with Ziggy as an interested bystander.
Poor guy, I wouldn't share though he did get to lick the plate.

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