Monday, March 23, 2015

Forty Eight Hours Later

My back is still in pain. I did find some hydro codone left over from my shoulder surgery 9 years ago and it's helped a little, but what I really need is a muscle relaxant. I called the clinic as soon as it opened this morning. But the recordings all say not to expect any help for 3 business days, didn't matter if I called my own doctor's triage nurse or the prescription line. I sure better get something sooner than 3 days from now.

In the meantime I use heat or ice and lay on my back a lot. I try sitting up a little in bed but generally can't do that for very long.

Hal has been very good trying to take care of me. He fed me sandwiches all weekend and arranged to get some macaroni and cheese for tonight from the general store in town. We've had their turkey dinners before and enjoyed them. He has been feeding the chickens and the dogs and even took the dogs on a short walk a few minutes ago to make sure they did their business. That was a wonderful thing to do as Luna is notorious for holding in the solids until she gets her walk and I'm not ready to walk for a while yet.

For amusement I have my laptop and the internet, I'm getting to chat with my eldest sister fairly regularly. Almost never hear from the younger one. Even heard from my brother yesterday via email, and he's once in a blue moon but he has a good excuse, no internet access at all. He may be visiting us later this summer. That will be fun.

Until then however, I shall continue to lay here in bed and try not to get too bored though it isn't easy. At least I also have my crochet. It's possible that king sized afghan may be finished sooner than I expected.

update: The clinic called, and Hal has gone to get my muscle relaxant! YAY!

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