Saturday, February 28, 2015

Battling the Flu

About the only thing they got right about this season's flu shot is the fact that it's pretty useless for this year's flu season. I got whacked with it Monday. (this is Saturday) And actually it is possible I have had it much longer as the previous Friday I took an emergency trip to my dentist for pain in my upper right back molar that had been getting worse since earlier that week. I just thought I was unlucky enough to be needing another root canal. But he couldn't find anything on the x-rays. So I went home with some prescription mouth wash in case it was gum related and on the following Monday realized I was not feeling well.

By Tuesday evening though the pain in my molar while not quite excruciating (have had that, know the difference) was pretty bad. I called the dentist back Wednesday morning. It was his day off and he was taking his kid to a doctor's appointment a two hour drive away. I was promised he would get back to me, he did, the next night right after the pharmacies had closed.

However he apologized, blamed his wife for not giving him the message and as of yesterday I am on 1500 mg of amoxicillian for 10 days for what is probably an underlying sinus infection on top of the flu. He may have said something else but I was hacking so much I could barely hear him.

Oddly, by that point the pain had subsided substantially probably because I was finally hacking up some disgusting colored phlegm. However as I am very prone to sinus infections I am certain the antibiotics are the right thing to do in my case. At least as of this morning my temperature has dropped from 100.6 to 98.9. Just wish I felt a lot better and not slightly better.

Maybe tomorrow. Poor pups would love to have me back and walking them. It's been a hard week on them, too.

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