Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Depth of Winter

That's where we're at. Though it's not been as deeply cold as last winter, it's been pretty nasty the last couple of weeks. A couple nights ago we had a low of 28.3. That's the coldest I've experienced since moving here. It was still -24 the next morning when I had to take the dogs outside. They didn't last long. Luna's paws iced up pretty quickly. I had to keep cleaning them long enough so she could at least pee. I think the high that day might have been 2 or less.

It has been sunny mostly. You'd think that would help.

That same night the blower fan on the wood stove decided to quit and Hal had to poke it's innards to get it running again so we could get the house heat back up. He nursed it though the last couple of days and replaced it this afternoon.

But there is only one more week to go in February. Maybe March will start showing some warmer weather.

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