Friday, February 6, 2015

Back Home in Michigan

I got home last Saturday night (today is Friday). Driving through the Berkshires Friday morning was a bit dicey, a bit of snow was falling but I took things a little slower than the speed limit and other than one tiny skid.

Had a pretty good time in Massachusetts. Was great seeing my older sister, spent about 4 days in a row with her, then she, I, and younger sister whom I drove out with Lyra had movie night at OS's home. Watched As Above, So Below, which was better than we expected, and then The Orphanage. That was an excellent horror movie best one I've seen in a long time. The 3 of us had a great time, ate popcorn, and chips with onion dip goldfish crackers. Didn't have room for the ice cream, alas.

Ate out a lot with both sisters, did a little shopping, went to Friendly's a lot and ate lots of my favorite black raspberry ice cream. Gosh I have missed that. I brought some home with me though I didn't have a cooler because it was supposed to be in the single digits to low teens for the trip across Canada and Michigan. The forecast was wrong the temps kept climbing till they hit 37 in Michigan. Ice cream got a little soft, I stuck it in the freezer as soon as I got home. Haven't opened it up to see how it survived.

Gained a few pounds while I was gone. I blame myself for over indulging in all that ice cream. I will work it off eventually. At least that's the plan.

It's sure nice to be home though. I think the pups are happy to be here. Ziggy was a pretty good little traveler for his first big road trip, he only whined a little. On the ride to MA my pups were in the way back and Lyra shared the back seat with all our luggage. On the way home I put mine on the back seat. After a fewwe hours Ziggy decided he would sleep on a folded up dog bed on the floor, That gave Luna the whole back seat to pace back and forth and pant, a lot. I now remember that I used to get tranquilizers for her. I'll have to get more before out next trip.

Been walking a lot since I got back, also went to Alpena with Hal's sister for the first 2 days I was here so hadn't gotten much done except laundry since my return. However since then I've been sorting through some of my clothes to donate as well as some household items, vases, knic knacs, etc. I've also been dusting and just picking up stuff. Rearranged the living room a bit, too.

Supposed to snow a bit this weekend. I don't expect to get much. Most of it is going to slide underneath as unusual. It's going to whack MA again though. It just keeps snowing there since I left.

I've not been in the mood to blog lately, maybe that will change once I get used to being home again.

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