Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Walking was Mushy Today

Had a bit of a warm up starting yesterday when it hit about 32 during the day, then it rained all night and today it actually hit 41.5 f. I took the pups through the usual trail around the swamp and though I planned 3 trips around by the time I got half way around I dropped that to 2 and by the end of round one had had enough. The effort to keep my feet from sliding left and right felt as much as if I was trudging through 3 feet of snow. Next walk we went up the driveway and back and while that was better it still wasn't much fun.

But I took this opportunity to see if I could get the Christmas lights off the gutter since the icicles had all melted. I succeeded though I had to leave a lot of the hangers which were still encased in ice. Got drenched in the process between the water dripping from the roof and the rain which had restarted but it felt good to have that done and not having to stare at unlit lights till March.

They're calling this the January Thaw though after weeks of tens and sub zero nights anything in the 20s felt warmer, but you don't know how cold it's been till it gets above freezing. What a difference.  Felt good but I'm actually looking forward to the ground freezing solid again so I can walk the dogs and enjoy it without worrying about falling. And it looks like that will be in a couple of days.

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