Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Area Rug

I've been wanting some area rugs since we replaced all the living room carpet with vinyl. Besides being cool on the feet in winter, Luna has been slipping and sliding now and then even though it does have a texture. The store Big Lots had a sale this week and this is what I found among the meager offerings they had. It's sort of a purple blending into burgundy alternating with beige. I think Luna and Ziggy both like it. It's 6 x 9 feet and essentially is just a bound piece of wall to wall carpet. But I got it for $50 which is a pretty good deal. It's also washable, even better. The photos make it look more purple than it really is but even if it was that purple I still like it. The first photo was taken  shortly after unrolling it. Doggies everywhere!
The second photo was taken yesterday morning. The color is more accurate though a bit washed out, but the doggies still seem to like it.

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