Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gained a Pound

Not exactly a stellar start to my weight loss but I haven't really been trying very hard. The walking outside has diminished simply because it is treacherous, not because of slipping on ice but because that January thaw froze my foot prints into mini hardened sink holes that are now covered in soft snow and therefore hard to avoid. I can't count how many times a heel or toes have fallen in and wrenched me sideways. I'm wearing a knee brace on my right knee because it aches and my ankles are protesting though I am fortunate that my Muck boots are providing decent enough support.

On the indoor exercise front I have now bicycled 4 days in a row, 20 minutes at a time. Today I chose the 2nd fat burner program which get my speed to a high of 14 mph for a few minutes instead of merely 11 mph. I've also used my 5 pound dumbbells 2 days in a row. Going to try for 3 today. I have this vague memory that one should lift weights every other day to gain strength or muscle, but I am more intent on burning calories right now. If I get in the mood I'll do a web search and find out but that is for another day.

Speaking of calories though what I really need to do is eat less and eat better. Has and I are still consuming crackers and cheese in front of the TV at night as well as other junk foods. I even made brownies a couple nights ago. So as of today no more crackers (oyster crackers in soup do not count, though I don't have to use as many), more fruit and the yogurt that is languishing in the garage refrigerator really needs to come upstairs into the kitchen fridge.

So, is there anything that has changed my mindset other than just the weight gain? I am going to visit some SIL's next weekend and as I was packing I discovered most of my pants do not fit any more. I refuse to buy a larger size, I did that a few years ago. I do not want to make a habit of that. I am also only 9 pounds away from the heaviest I have ever been and that is not a good feeling. And as this now increases my weight gained over 14 months to 26 pounds I need a goal. I have decided to lose 20 pounds by Thanksgiving. That is late November, January is almost over so I won't include it in my calculations. That's 2 pounds a month, definitely doable.

Now to go get my weights.

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