Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So Much for Clear Sailing to Buffalo

Though nothing unusual is appearing on the radar near Buffalo, NY the governor decided to close the NY Thruway from the PA/NY border right through Rochester. All this in preparation for snow yet to come. I guess they have a blizzard warning so they closed the thruway at 2:30. Hal and I have been looking for alternate routes and now they are on I-86 which is south of the 90 and heading for Elmira. I took that route in warmer weather once, very pretty. As far as I know it's still open as it's much farther away from the Great Lakes causing Buffalo and its surrounds so much trouble. I've cancelled their reservation at Motel 6 just off the thruway as they can't get there and am waiting to hear if they want me to make a new reservation somewhere else or if they're just going to wing it. Winter travel can be so exciting!

edited to add: They made it safely to a motel outside of Elmira where the sky is clear and I can still see some snow on the Buffalo radar but I have no idea if it's as bad as predictions. But they're well out of it now so it's no longer a problem for us.

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