Thursday, January 2, 2014

Still Chilly

We've had a pretty major cold snap here. Been a long time since it's stayed this cold this long, don't know what last night's low was but the night before it dropped to -18.6 f. The night before hit -19 f. Yes, it's a bit nippy. The high yesterday was 12.7 f, it's 8.7 f now but not supposed to get any higher than that according to the forecast. No snow in the forecast either, I know I read some where that the old saying "it's too cold to snow" is just that, a meaningless old saying but so far it's holding bearing out. When it was in the 20s on and off the week before Christmas we were getting an inch here a couple inches there, but not now. Though we are having a light snow shower right now, it's not going to accumulate as it doesn't show up on the radar. (and maybe, it's too cold!)

For the most part the dogs don't seem to mind it, occasionally Luna or Ziggy will stop walking and hold a paw up in the air for me to dig out some crusty snow and off they go again chasing after interesting trails and wrestling right in front of me so that I have to walk around them. Sometimes Lyra will get into the wrestling as well.
Ziggy and Lyra
Looks like we'll actually get the temps up to 30 Saturday. We'll have to wait and see.

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